Collaboration With Dataiku

Dataiku makes data projects a team sport by bringing everyone together, from AI builders to AI consumers.


Projects and Visual Flow

The Dataiku Flow is the visual representation of a pipeline and the canvas where teams collaborate on data projects. Common objects and a consistent visual language, context tags and annotations, and discrete flow zones to compartmentalize work all contribute to teams’ clear understanding of a project. 

And with all work and project knowledge centralized in a single place, it’s easier to onboard new team members and keep track of changes. 


Coders and Non-Coders in One Platform

Dataiku provides a unique collaborative environment where coders and non-coders can simultaneously contribute to data projects in a shared space. 

Custom code elements are part of the flow and are transparently documented in the data pipeline, just like any visual element. With Dataiku, use point-and-click tools for ease and efficiency or write custom code for maximum flexibility…at every step, the choice is up to you. 


Discovery and Reuse

Through central hubs like Dataiku’s catalog and data collections, feature store, home page, and plugin store, teams can easily discover and reuse existing projects and data products to avoid starting from scratch each time. 

Seamless sharing and the ability to copy/paste subflows or recipes enable users to save time and efficiently springboard off previous work. 


Packaged Assets to Empower Others

By packaging up subflows or Python code as custom recipes and plugins, power users can empower cohorts of business analysts to perform simple to advanced analytical tasks with an easy-to-use visual interface. 

Coders will appreciate the shared bank of useful code snippets and libraries — including those imported from Git — to expedite scripting tasks and ensure everyone is applying consistent methodology for data manipulation. 


Discussions & Wikis for Knowledge Management

Built-in project wikis are a central knowledge base where teams document their motivations, methods, and decisions to preserve critical context and provide continuity for current and future team members. 

A rolling timeline of recent actions, to-do lists, and built-in chat functions also keep the record of team member discussions and contributions inside the project, rather than scattered across other external productivity tools.


Automatic Flow and Model Documentation

Dataiku can automatically generate comprehensive documentation for both models and the project flow on a one-off or scheduled basis. Customizable templates include all the metadata and visualizations needed to snapshot the project state or model design and results. 

With robust, automated documentation, organizations maintain consistent records of AI projects for regulatory compliance, and teams can stop spending countless hours maintaining project docs. 

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