Security With Dataiku

Manage risk and ensure compliance with internal controls and external regulations.


Permissions Management and Authorization

With role-based access control, user groups can be granted multiple levels of access (e.g., read, write, admin, access dashboards, share content, download, deploy models or bundles). Multiple fine-grained permissions operate at the user, connection, project, compute, and global levels.

In Dataiku, users can belong to more than one group and have different permissions across projects.



User Isolation Framework

Dataiku’s user isolation framework (UIF) provides a set of mechanisms to isolate user-written code in various contexts, performing advanced identity mapping that guarantees traceability and prevents hostile attacks. User impersonation ensures that many users working on the same instance cannot improperly gain access to others’ work or impersonate another user.

With Dataiku’s enterprise-grade security, organizations can manage risk and ensure compliance at scale across the organization.


Authentication with SSO and LDAP

With proper authentication and authorization, organizations can limit access to critical systems and ensure compliance with internal controls and external regulations.

Dataiku natively integrates with identity and access management systems on AWS, Azure, and GCP. It also has full integration with SSO and LDAP, and is tested with popular providers. Where available, individual connections to data can leverage OAuth in addition to user/password access.



Audit Trails for Full Traceability

Generating logs of user access and activity is critical for troubleshooting and compliance with both internal controls and external regulations.

Dataiku includes a rich audit trail of users’ access and object changes in the system, with non-repudiation. The logs contain full traceability of user actions, with details about user id, timestamp, IP address, authentication method, and more.


Secure API Access

Application programming interfaces (APIs) create endpoint services consumed by business applications — but in a cyber attack, such endpoints could be accessed and used to understand how a model works, or even to intentionally disrupt services or steal information.

Dataiku provides access control for API services via API keys and through OAuth, so that only services with proper authentication can access the API and receive results.

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