Revolutionizing Marketing With AI and Dataiku

Top marketing and advertising organizations as well as marketing teams across industries use Dataiku — the platform for Everyday AI — to better understand their customers and drive more efficient and effective campaigns.

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Accelerate Marketing With Generative AI (and Control)

Go beyond simply using Generative AI for one-time marketing tasks in siloed tools. Unite efforts in a single platform and scale for greater accuracy and impact, all while maintaining safety and security of data. These sample use cases are just the beginning of what's possible.

Product Recommendation Template Builder

Improve consumer response rates by automating tailored email messaging with the power of Dataiku and Generative AI.


Customer Review Analyzer

Put customer reviews to work with Dataiku and the power of Generative AI to quickly identify issues and understand patterns.


Sales Analytics Generator

Empower your sales organization with Generative AI insights from a central data source.


LLM-Enhanced Next Best Offer

Enable banking sales professionals to generate customized yet automated follow-up messages with the power of Dataiku, classic predictive machine learning, and Generative AI.


Increase Marketing Efficiency and Accuracy

Empower your team to build actionable insights and increase value from marketing use cases. Do it in a fraction of the time with Dataiku Solutions.

Customer Lifetime Value Forecasting

Predict the future value of your customers and organize them in well structured groups, in order to optimize your efforts to increase revenues over time.


Market Basket Analysis

Extract key business patterns from your sales: optimize product assortment and pave the road to recommendation.


RFM Segmentation

Segment your consumers depending on their purchasing behavior to develop more tailored engagement strategies.


Optimizing Omnichannel Marketing

Identify key channel drivers of HCP brand adoption and design more effective marketing tactics for all drug prescribers.


Customer Segmentation for Banking

Deepen customer insight and success with machine learning segmentation.


Lead Scoring

Helps sales and marketing teams fast-track adoption of ML lead scoring techniques and simultaneously unlock the power of internal and external data sources for greater lead insight.


Do Even More With Dataiku


This plugin provides a read connector to fetch data from Hubspot, one of the leading CRM platforms

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This plugin provides a read connector to import data from Salesforce into DSS using the Force.com REST API

Learn More


This plugin provides custom policy hooks to document personal data in datasets, configure project-level forbidden actions and generate reports in relation to the GDPR regulation

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Tableau Hyper Export

Export datasets to Tableau with Hyper format.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

“The effort required for day-to-day campaign work has been drastically reduced due to the standardisation and automation of analytics work using Dataiku. Previously, refreshing targeting segments could take weeks or even months of tedious, manual work inspecting each refresh script. This has now been reduced to an automated, overnight job.”

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