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Amplify the impact and productivity of data science teams with Dataiku’s end-to-end platform for AI and machine learning, bringing robust tooling for model design, development, and delivery.

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Build, Deploy, & Monitor in One Unified Environment

From data access and preparation through modeling, app development, production deployment, and maintenance, whether traditional machine learning, Generative AI, or a combination of both, Dataiku is a one-stop shop for data scientists of all skill levels. Data science teams that use Dataiku accelerate their work so that they can take on more — and more interesting — projects.

It’s incredible how [Dataiku] enables us to go fast, and speed is critical to our success as a company.

Luke Christiansen

SVP, Data and Research, Buildertrend

I think that’s the added value of Dataiku: it’s not only the ability to build a solution or come up with an algorithm, but also the ability to deploy, maintain, and improve it.

Randy de Heus

Manager of Business Insights & Data Analytics, Action

Using Dataiku and the API funcionality, we reduced the amount of time from beginning to end to build a model and push out the model into the marketing channel.

Ben Powis

Head of Data Science, MandM Direct

Aviva logo

The most beneficial thing about Dataiku is having everything in one place, so you don’t have to go from one program to another to another and have them work all at the same time. Dataiku takes away that hassle.

Ayca Kandur

Data Scientist, Aviva

Dataiku provides automation, ease of integration, collaboration, and version control.

Head of Data Science in the Banking Industry

(December 26, 2023)

An essential [data science and machine learning] tool for smart teams looking to significantly increase efficiency.

Head of Data Science , AI and Analytics in the Transportation Industry

(December 23, 2023)

High-Velocity Data Science Meets Robust Oversight

Enjoy an All-in-One Code Environment

Dataiku provides a standardized development environment for data scientists who prefer code over visual tools. Data scientists can effortlessly operate from notebooks and IDEs, efficiently manage virtual environments, organize code with versatile libraries, and foster collaboration through seamless Git integration for version control.

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Access Always-On Data & Compute Resources

Want to spend more time doing data science and less time setting up backend resources? Dataiku makes dealing with large AI and machine learning data workloads a breeze. Take advantage of elastic and highly scalable computing systems   with Dataiku’s modern pushdown architecture.

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Discover & Reuse Assets for Maximum Efficiency

Data scientists of all types — from citizens to experts — can leverage automatic feature generation and other capabilities to expedite this important yet time-consuming task. Data teams can discover, explore, and reuse reference datasets containing curated features in Dataiku’s central feature store, reducing the time spent reinventing the wheel.

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Build Enterprise-Ready Generative AI Applications

With Dataiku’s LLM Mesh, Prompt Studios, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) capabilities, data scientists can quickly enrich their models and projects with Generative AI, using all of the latest large language models (LLMs) and services, all in an IT-approved environment.

Dedicated LLM Mesh components for AI service routing, PII screening, LLM response moderation, performance and cost tracking, and auditing of entire application flows means maximum control and performance.

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Save Time With AutoML or Go Deep With Custom ML

Build and evaluate production-ready models fast with Dataiku AutoML, which also includes built-in guardrails and white-box explainability for citizen data scientists

Advanced data scientists can extend Dataiku’s AutoML capabilities by programmatically developing custom models or by importing models developed with MLFlow. Regardless of where a model is developed, Dataiku remains the central platform for model deployment and management.

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Deploy, Monitor & Automate the AI Lifecycle

Deliver continuous, high-quality outputs for business applications with one central place for machine learning model and AI project deployment, monitoring, and management in production. With Dataiku, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and operators can scale their work without succumbing to the burden of project upkeep with automated drift monitoring, maintenance,  and much more.

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Built for Speed & Scale

Elevate Team Efficiency

Dataiku helps teams execute faster with a project-based approach, using dedicated Flows for seamless AI pipeline orchestration. The built-in Wiki serves as a comprehensive tool, documenting project details and facilitating collaboration.

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Oversee Project Performance

Dataiku's registry centralizes all projects and models in one comprehensive view. Performance metrics and summaries make it easy for leaders and project managers to understand and oversee AI project performance.

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