Dataiku + Snowflake: Where Everyday AI Meets the Data Cloud

Dataiku and Snowflake deliver a unique data and AI experience that empowers data and domain experts to build advanced analytics, streamline operations, and ensure visibility and trust in analytics efforts—all on a single, collaborative platform that pushes down workloads to Snowflake for fast, secure, and cost-effective processing and that enables native support beyond SQL to Python, Java, and Scala with Snowpark.


Empower Your Entire Organization to Become AI Driven

Business and technical users can quickly create and deploy analytics and AI solutions:

  • With Dataiku, all users have access to data directly in Snowflake, without additional configuration. 
  • Prep data, train machine learning models, and deploy workflows into production with Dataiku’s visual, SQL, and Python components.
  • An easy-to-understand visual flow helps teams build readable, reusable

Build and Deploy With Dataiku, Run on Snowflake Compute

  • 10x faster model deployment with one-click API deployment
  • 3x more productivity with visual data prep and reusable code components
  • Leverage Snowflake’s compute services at every step of the way — from SQL to Snowpark Python to Snowpark ML to Snowpark Container Services to Cortex
Supercharge GenAI With Dataiku and Snowflake

Control Access & Build Trust, All in a Collaborative Environment

  • 100% of projects are monitored, even when scaling into the thousands.
  • Keep data and compute in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, with integrations at every stage of the analytics and AI lifecycle.
  • Full optionality for teams to decide when to automate project deployment steps or add manual governance checks along the way with Dataiku Govern.
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Scale the Use of GenAI in Your Organization

  • Dataiku’s LLM Mesh provides the components that empower IT to take control and help teams build safe, secure, enterprise-ready GenAI applications. 
  • With Dataiku’s LLM Mesh connectors to Snowflake Cortex and Snowpark Container Services, customers can build LLM apps quickly and confidently, maintaining full control of LLMs hosted in their Snowflake environment.
Learn How to Build a Secure, Effective GenAI-Based Chatbot (Fast) With Snowflake & Dataiku

The Dataiku + Snowflake Partnership Is Deep and Validated

Dataiku operates across all industries but is certified with Snowflake competency awards in financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and retail and CPG.

We were able to quickly demonstrate value [from Dataiku and Snowflake] from improved compute and storage capacities across multiple groups so analysts could do their jobs more easily and we could take them off the command line. — Ashish Sharma, Executive Director, Novartis

Where Everyday AI
Meets the Data Cloud

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Snowflake and Dataiku Together

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The Total Economic Impact™️
Of Dataiku

A composite organization in the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku saw the following benefits:

70 %+

reduction in time spent on data analysis, extraction, and preparation.

42 %

reduction in time spent on model lifecycle activities (training, deployment, and monitoring).

413 %

return on investment

$ 23 .5M

net present value over three years.