AWS: Expand the Reach of AI Projects with Dataiku + AWS

Turbo-charge AI initiatives with Dataiku and AWS, enabling everyone from data workers to domain experts to create and consume advanced analytics and AI applications leveraging the scalability and services of AWS.


AWS has created the perfect machine learning platform for developers. With Dataiku, turbo-charge AI initiatives by enabling hundreds of data workers to benefit from the scalability and the broad variety of services that AWS provides. 

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By leveraging Dataiku’s integrations with AWS:

  • Augment productivity for the whole data team: data scientists and engineers can create and deploy AI applications with greater velocity by leveraging Dataiku’s data prep, feature engineering, and AutoML capabilities to operationalize models and associated data pipelines.
  • Support hundreds of less-technical data workers with intuitive tools for manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing large datasets. Business analysts can build SageMaker models from Dataiku while collaborating with advanced users.
  • Improve monitoring, governance, compliance, and reuse for analytics and machine learning projects with AWS and Dataiku by removing silos and sharing best practices across the enterprise.

AWS + Dataiku

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Integration Highlights

  • Seamless access to data stored on AWS, with read/write access to Amazon S3 and managed SQL services.
  • Scale data pipelines and machine learning processes by leveraging compute clusters (EMR, EKS), either through visual components or by using coding languages of choice.
  • Connect, visualize, transform, and analyze datasets using Redshift with visual recipes or custom SQL code.
  • Leverage the AWS Machine Services APIs to include computer vision or text analytics seamlessly into projects.
  • Build, deploy, and manage SageMaker models and endpoints collaboratively from Dataiku.

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Technical Docs for Dataiku on AWS

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